MXML component class package { import aerys.minko.render.Viewport; import; import aerys.minko.scene.node.Scene; import; import; import flash.geom.Point; import mx.core.UIComponent; [Event(name="minkoReady", type="Stage3DEvent")] public class MinkoFlexContainer extends UIComponent { private var _viewport:Viewport = new Viewport(); private var _camera:Camera = null; private var _cameraController:ArcBallController = null; private var _scene:Scene = new Scene(); private […]

Minko 3D basic Apache flex setup

So, i haven’t written anything in quite a while and i would like to change that. This article is a round up of the things i did to deploy AIR mobile app on Google play market and Facebook. You might not be aware, but for quite some time i was […]

Publishing ideas nowadays

Just sharing very small class that i use on daily business. First function is simply silent DisplayObject removal. Second one is a deep comparison scan of two objects, very useful in flex [cc lang=”actionscript”] package com.riawolf.utils { import flash.display.DisplayObject; /** * … * @author me */ public class RandomUtils { […]

My random utils

Well, by now you have probably already heard the news about Adobe canceling flash plugin for mobile devices. Great news for mac addicts, late Steve’o was right once again, for the wrong reasons, but still. Now just to see the big picture lets forward the time to 2-3 years in […]

The king is dead, long live the king

Couple of months ago i joined a high complexity project that a team of multiple developers were working on. This required some adjusting to my usual workflow, but it was for the better. I learned a lot and one of those things is a strategy pattern. This pattern goes well […]

Strategy pattern

Howdy people, its been a while. Anyway, here are some useful info on pureMVC framework. Titanium is not really meant for OOP, classes are not really welcome inside this framework. Most of the files are meant to be included as if they were AS2 #include with procedural code instead […]

Tips’n’Tricks for pureMVC on Titanium

This is like bread and butter. I could not have imagined a better merge of two companies. Aptana is the best IDE based on Eclipse, however they were not going anywhere. Aptana studio is good, and that’s it, no direction, no really big goals or anything. Its just stands there […]

Titanium + Aptana a match made in heaven