Well, by now you have probably already heard the news about Adobe canceling flash plugin for mobile devices. Great news for mac addicts, late Steve’o was right once again, for the wrong reasons, but still. Now just to see the big picture lets forward the time to 2-3 years in future. There are couple of things happening in the mobile browsing experience. First of all there are no flash banners, w00t for users, bad for marketing, that means web campaigns are extremely not effective, less money gets invested in advertising, less money in the market of web development, so developers are shifting towards apps. Casual browser gaming is back to 2005, text based Omerta style games for core gamers. Less visual appeal = smaller market = less money = less developer focusing on these solutions. And so on and so forth.

Now you might object by saying that HTML5 can do all of those things that flash can, and i respond- bullshit. HTML5 is pretty and blinking and no plugins, bla bla bla. At the end of the day, you are still stuck with JavaScript, a DOM type language that should have not survived the crossover to the new millennium. You might also object that banners can be made with HTML5, but you would be missing the security issue. Most banners are hosted off the website servers, meaning if you embed HTML5 banner, you ember a cross site script, good luck with sandboxing that. HTML5 got to where it is because Apple decided to ban flash plugin so Apple had to push browser engines really hard because it needed to catch up with flash and HTML5 nowhere near that point. I just hope that new Macromedia pops up very soon to cover the gap, and this time they wont sell out.

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