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Dive to the world of logic and strategy by tackling simple yet involving puzzle.
Evolve life by grouping same creatures into higher life forms. Point your finger and watch the magic of life happen.
This game is a fun way to see a very rough approximation of how evolution has taken its course over time. You don’t have to believe in evolution to have fun with the idea. As for people who accept the ideas of creationism, what better way to see it in action than to actually create higher life by combining lesser forms of life. This game is not for or against either evolution or creationism, it just a matching theme for match-three game.

The game consists of two main parts:
Evolution- you are matching three or more creatures by putting them next to each other and in result you will create a higher level mini monster. Each time you get some points that will progress you towards a goal (A monster). After the play session is complete, you will be rewarded those monsters to your crafting inventory.

Primordial soup: this is where you get to use your monsters to craft some helping objects for your next game session. At the top on the shelves you can see the monsters you have for crafting. At the middle there is a crafting result with short description. Right under it there are ingredients list. You need to match the amounts displayed by the ingredients with amounts in your inventory in order to craft an item and use it during your next game.
Using crafted items is simple. During your evolution game simply click on the extra icon (flasks) and pick an item from the list. It will be added to the screen for you to use.

This game has also leader boards and achievements. We wish you happy evolving.
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