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Strategy and action packed Fantasy city builder merges with Tower defense to create exceptional game play experience.

Join the realms of Fortune & Woe
Build your stronghold, generate and compete for the vital resources: Gold, Mana and Gemstones.

Build your army, train your dragons, dark elves, archers, knights and soldiers.
Attack neighboring strongholds to get their resources, but plan your attacks to avoid deadly defense towers.

Your invasion will be met by relentless Archers, Ballistae, Cannons, Poison goo and Tesla towers!

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[Resource based economy]
Multiple production buildings to generate your resources and run your economy. Build up Gold, Mana and Gemstones to fuel your survival and war effort.

[Passive and active defenses]
Your decisions on strategic placement of your defenses matter!
Walls will protect your resources and Towers will repel invading forces.
Build your stronghold by exploiting enemy weaknesses like speed, health, damage and range.

[Attack other strongholds]
Raid your neighbors and attack targets of opportunity. You will be met by a strong defense. Plan your attacks, pick your targets wisely, deploy your forces and adjust to the changing landscape of battle.

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