So, i haven’t written anything in quite a while and i would like to change that. This article is a round up of the things i did to deploy AIR mobile app on Google play market and Facebook. You might not be aware, but for quite some time i was working on my personal project for mobile devices called “Dr. Darwin”. It was my first attempt at making an indie game. The game is a puzzle game inspired by “Triple town” and “Natural chemist”. Goal of the game is to merge items on the screen by type evolving them to higher levels. I mentioned “Triple town”, because of the way they monetize the game, it really inspired me to start with an idea that has been growing inside my head for a while. I gathered a couple of friends, told them about my plan and we started working. Let me start by saying that writing a cross platform code is now easier then deploying the application itself. The game was written targeting exclusively android devices.¬†Open source for me is the way to go, so I used technologies like AIR mobile, Apache Flex, Flashdevelop and so on. The result of it can be found here and you should be aware that its still work in progress.

The code of the client is written in mxml and ActionScript, pureMVC single-core was used to tie things together and Flashdevelop with batch scripts were used for the deploy build. The ease of development with flash is stunning comparing with 3-4 years ago. All of the tools setup with clicks alone and it feels like working with really professional tools that cost around 1000 bucks for license. Anyway, the app was done and deployed, Google app store accepted it in no time and for a while i sat back and relaxed. Today i had an idea to attempt to publish to Facebook. Changing the code from mobile to web version took me in total 24 minutes. That is amazing, i would have never suspected how easy it is. And then the fun ended, turns out Facebook requires SSL urls for embedding items in canvas.I tried bypassing the requirement with, didnt work, then i considered actually getting SSL for my domain but the prices and regulations required are like alimony to 5 kids ant 3 ex wives, so i used what Facebook suggested, Heroku. Its a git repository that basically accepts everything that you push in and then deploys the root of your repository as Facebook app. Now you can check out the game at

Like i mentioned before, this is not a complete game, i published it to figure out required circles of hell to get it online. Have fun

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